Monthly community palliative and hospice care talks are organized and especially designed by foundation with the intention of empowering individuals and families who directly take care of their own loved-one, friend or neighbor, facing the challenges of advanced age and life-limiting illness. Lectures topics will include the following:

  1. Being a Family Caregiver and Taking Care of Yourself.
  2. Learning How to Relax
  3. Dealing With the Healthcare System
  4. Communication With a Health Care Team
  5. Medical Emergencies
  6. What are my Rights and Responsibilities as a Family Caregiver
  7. Understanding and Caring For My Relative’s Symptoms
  8. Understanding Behavior and Other Problems Due to Dementia
  9. Keeping Track of your Relative’s medications
  10. Use of Complimentary Treatments
  11. Making Important Medical Decisions With Your Relative
  12. Juggling Family Finances
  13. Understanding Government and Private Health Assistance
  14. Tips For Preparing For Home Care
  15. Conversations With your seriously ill Relative
  16. Traditions and Decisions Before Death
  17. Illness, Care giving, and Family Relationships
  18. How Do i Talk to my Children About my Relative’s illness? Additional Tips to Help
  19. Spiritual support
  20. Palliative Care and Hospice
  21. Dealing With Your Relative’s Death – Practical and Emotional Concerns
  22. Helpful documents and forms for Caring