Palliative care involves the lessening of suffering. This does not just refer to medical help. Oftentimes, that also means addressing other aspects of a patient’s life.

Apart from our medical home visits, The Ruth Foundation offers a mix of complementary services through our CAREPLAN. Palliative care is truly a team effort.



Nursing Care
“Nurses dispense comfort, compassion, and caring without even a prescription.” ~Val Saintsbury

The main thrust of the CARE PLAN is a nurse-driven team, specially trained to regularly monitor patients in their own homes. This is otherwise called “Nursing Care Rounds”. We provide expert nursing assessment, along with management of pain and other symptoms. This is combined with compassionate listening and counseling skills.

Nurses work with other health providers the context of an interdisciplinary team. They are distinguished by their unwavering focus on quality-of-life care.



Social Work Services

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

Our social workers help connect patients and families to the right organizations to improve their social welfare and outcome.



Massage & Touch Therapy
One should never underestimate the power of a gentle human touch, prompted by a heart of compassion and guided by the intention to heal.

We provide physical relief to our homebound patients and their caregivers through the capable hands of our massage therapists.



Counseling & Spiritual Care
The opportunity to connect with one’s creator and God, is an opportunity for peace and restoration.
Counsellors and church workers help patients and families focus on their transcendent purpose and value through one-on-one counselling sessions.



Volunteer Visits
Music and simple companionship are one of life’s best inspirations.
Our volunteers bring joy to patients through laughter therapy, music infusion, art therapy, and our “Happy Room” project.

To register as a volunteer, go to our volunteer e-form.



Bereavement & Grief Care
“Grief is the last act of love we have to give to those we loved. Where there is deep grief, there was great love.”
Palliative care extends beyond a patient’s life. We provide grief counseling to the patient’s loved ones after their loss.