We value and respect the inherent worth of each individual.



The deep awareness of the suffering of others underscores all our dealings and decision-making. This we demonstrate with empathy and authenticity, believing in the strength of sensitive acts of kindness.



With the components of commitment, dependability and honesty as the basis of our personal and professional practice, we take individual and collective responsibility for our actions. We are accountable and invite scrutiny. Working within an ethical framework, we are honest and fair in all we do. Through our perseverance, we honour the people we serve, each other and ourselves.



We actively pursue knowledge, practical training, creative advancement and personal and profession growth. All this with the goal of achieving our highest potential individually and collectively in our unwavering quest for Palliative care for all.



Working as a team and with other groups with the same passion, is fundamental to achieving our best work. We value diversity, coupled with respectful and honest communication, which allows us to collectively accomplish our shared goals.